Thursday Bicycles ...... WHY????

Well....... WHY NOT!!!

Are you a bike-wrecking monster with thighs like tree trunks, and everything you ride flexes like overdone pasta?
Or if it's stiff enough it beats you to death? Got knee injuries and you can't bear down on the pedals anymore, gotta just sit and spin? Ain't life a bitch?
Are you a woman looking at all the bikes sized for a man's body, can't find anything that fits YOU?
Do you have real short legs? Or real long ones?
Maybe you are an advanced rider with abilities far beyond normal and a sense of your own immortality - and you need ultra-fast handling and bleeding edge geometry.

Are you a BMX-er and you want fast, BMX-like handling on your mountain bike? Four-Cross? Downhill? Or maybe you just want to win more BMX races.
Are you tired of looking at gorpy TIG welds and ugly paint in dumb colors?
Need a special purpose bike? Like for sheepherding, or hunting, police patrol, or messenger work?
Maybe you have the world's best equipment on a frame that bores you stiff?
Maybe you want the best frame money can buy, or maybe you just want a bike built your way.

Pick a reason. That's why Thursday got into making his own frames. He builds them, he rides them, tries to break them.
Then he gives them to the bike-destroying Thursday test pilots to wring them out some more.
Thursday listens and he learns fast. The bikes show it.


The man loves a challenge. BMXers and mountain bikes, and bikes for his degenerate, extreme-riding friends are his main thing, but he also makes and modifies road bikes, touring bikes, cyclocross, LowRiders, work bikes.
Need a human-powered fork lift? Thursday has a design.
"Our product line"

Last few years it seems the riders coming in for bikes have been of the, shall we say, extreme variety. Cool.


It starts with communication. Thursday listens to you, checks out what you're riding, watches you ride. Asks you, Does your back hurt?
Do you get neck and shoulder pain? How does your current bike handle?
Is the weight balance OK? Want more lateral stiffness? Smoother ride? Sharper handling or more stability? Thursday looks at you, tries to figure what will fit you best. Considers your riding style.
Gets your ideas for cable routing, equipment layout, etc.

Then he does a layout, first with a CAD program, then a full-size drawing. Your frame is gonna be right on spec. Thursday's top of the line frames are fillet brazed. Welding temperatures are lower so the tubing doesn't lose so much temper at the joints.
Besides looking great, the fillets (I think, anyway) stiffen frame joints for a smoother ride. Thursday is also a master of the forgotten art of gas-welding chrome moly steel. These frames cost less because the steel that goes into them is plain-vanilla cro-moly, but they are strong and gorgeous, and have that same Thursday MOJO.

Thursday uses the best steel. Like Reynolds 525, 531, or 853, Columbus Zona, True Temoper air-hardening steel, plus aircraft grade seamless straight-gauge chrome-moly. If you want something else, he'll get it for you. Thursday does his own paint. He uses two-part urethane, mixes his own incredibly bright colors ... metallic or pearl basecoats ....
candy or pearl colorcoats .... maybe gold, blue or red pearl in the clearcoat. Or if you want, primer only or powdercoat.


Thursday had his shop in Window Rock Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation, near Gallup NM and about four hours south of Moab.
Well, not anymore, and that's a story in itself. The story involves about 25 miles of ba-a-a-d singletrack so close to the shop you just ride to the trailhead. And live music within riding distance, 3-4 nights a week.

Now it's in Pocatello Idaho, a day's ride from Yellowstone Park and right off I-15. The local trails are worth a visit.

Thursday Bicycles
624 W. Young St.
Pocatello ID 84204-2706
(208) 478-1358

Go through your dealer if you can. Otherwise, call Thursday or write: Make an appointment to visit, or to have a frame fitted for you. Ride one of the ratted-out Thursday demos
on our challenging trails, or one of our local BMX tracks.

WHO IS THURSDAY,Thursday_himself and why is he laying so low? You may ask!