BLACK RAIN street bike spec sheet

Specs are still somewhat up in the air and will probably change with rider feedback. Thursday is following the discussion going on about short versus long frames for street.

Cable routing is set up your choice: twin cables or a single cable, all tucked away under the top tube. The 990s are mounted underneath the seat stays. Because of the lightweight tube set, a plastic bash guard (made out of sewer pipe) is supplied to protect the down tube. This bike is currently being spec-ed with a 75-degree steering angle, a 68-degree seat tube, and 12" bottom bracket height. The drops are currently 3/16" chrome moly but will probably go to 1/4."

You can order with or without a fork. The fork on the prototype is the MacNeil ID, with or without brake mounts.

current spec sheet:

Equipment is a mix, with a lot of Primo, including cranks, sprocket, pedals, seat, stem, tires and bars. Rims are Sun BFRs on sealed hubs. DiaComp 990s and cabling by Oryg round it all out.
Profile standard or SS are available on order