Mi Vida Loca!!

Current spec sheet. This bike is now available with Euro bottom bracket shell. For those of you who race both class and cruiser, Thursday carefully matches the 20-inch and 24-inch frames, to ease the transition. You've got enough on your mind, just trying to catch your breath between motos, without having two radically different handling bikes.

A little history here: The first Thursday BMX bike was a 20-incher with Reynolds 531 mountain bike tubing and a virulent metallic pearl green paint job. It was a great ride but it got stolen.. last time I saw it a big Navajo kid was riding it about 30 miles an hour down Manuelito Drive in Window Rock. That bike was the first of the "Phantom of the Opera" bikes, which became sort of the kids line. The "Phantom" is shorter, lighter, and has water bottle braze-ons. You gotta know kids if you're gonna build for them. But that's another story ... what I learned from building and riding the "Phantom," and from my first ride on the Kastan-designed Mosh, led me to build the "Vida Loca" bikes.