A road bike for the long haul, a sport bike you can travel on.     

There's nothing like ghosting along on a good road bike - or dashing through city traffic, for that matter, racing cars and dodging buses, getting huge lungfuls of street air. Thursday was a roadie growing up, riding city streets and country roads, long trips, street racing... yeah.

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Thursday cranks out a road bike every now and then, for himself or for favorite clients. But a standard model? Well, maybe it all came together on that drive down to Puerto Vallarta. It's four lane to Tepic, then you wind down through the sierras for I bet a couple hundred kilos of narrow, twisting two lane blacktop dropping through forest and jungle to the sea. In a car you spend a lot of time behind old Dina trucks grunting up little grades at 20 kph, then barreling down the other side. Slow driving, idle thoughts, man it's beautiful, just smell that air! Wish I was on a road bike....

Yeah, like those old-fashioned sport bikes Schwinn and Raleigh used to make, Paramounts and Internationals, with easy 73/73 angles, a nice, compliant steel frame with just the right amount of lateral stiffness, big enough so you can stretch out on a long ride but at the same time agile. Just enough rear end so you can carry a few things on the rack. Bikes like nobody seems to make anymore. Just for Mexico.... or wherever your wild heart takes you. That's how the bike came to be... Pista Mexicana!

There's a lot of different ways to make a road bike, even building styles. There are a lot of high-art framebuilders active in the U.S now, guys who will spend a whole day polishing out a set of stainless frame lugs. Maybe they'll carve little flowers into the lugs, even. Beautiful work.

Thursday's approach is a little more basic. Two ways to go: custom build or you can order up a standard model. Custom involves a long dialogue, maybe a little psychoanalysis, getting the fit just right. Thursday will go through the process with you, but you may do better with a builder in your area, someone who will work with you face to face. If you really need a full-on custom build, go here and see what is involved.

Bottom bracket detail

Dropout detail

Seat cluster detail

As you can see, this one has a few miles on it .....

Thursday has been building forks for his road bikes, as well as building with lugs. Call for information!

Base Geometry:

Headtube angle: 73 degrees
Seat tube angle: 73 degrees
Chainstay: 43 cm (42 optional)
Seat Tube lengths: 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62 cm
Top tube lengths: 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62 cm (shorter or longer by special order)

Women and Men!

The 1:1 ratio between top and seat tube is a good place to start for men. For most women, a ratio of .95 to .93, along with 1-1.5 degree less (71.5-72 degrees) seat tube angle, may be a better starting point

trail 50-55 mm
Bottom Bracket height 27 cm

Geometry is approximate and can be modified to some degree at no extra cost

2016 base price: $1050 any color in stock, or anything I can mix from stock. This price includes a lot of personal service and custom sizing. It is higher than base for Thursday's other standard models partly because of that and partly because the standard tubeset is Columbus Zona or equal for the main triangle.