This page will tell you about the latest stuff, and guide you to it soon as it gets written up.

New Bikes, and new year changes to the old ones Summer 2011:

We have some new bikes ...

I have been making some

mini-size Vida Loca frames.

The kids love them. I may have mentioned elsewhere my opinion that most BMX bikes for small riders are evil-handling basura. Go to the track, watch the riders age five to eight or ten. .. Watch them crash!

I build a mini/junior/expert size bike with a slacker steering angle, so the bike will straighten out when a kid gets a little squirrely. I use a lower bottom bracket height for easier standups in the gate, more stability on the track, and because the kids are using shorter cranks. The bikes may get a new model name. I'm thinking of "Fallen Angel". You race cruiser, you have to fight through a raging pack of manic children to get to the gate. Fallen angels indeed!

Here is an example, in mini size...

Giant Muttonmaster Cargo Bike.

I got a request this spring from a lady in California for a heavy-duty industrial strength cargo bike. I started with the Muttonmaster concept but made it bigger, longer and stronger. It includes hitches for the Burley trailer and for the Bikes at Work trailer.

The design evolved to a "Mixte" configuration for easy mounting and dismounting, and to accomodate all the various riders who would be using the bike. The rack is 14" by 20", welded on in true Muttonmaster style, and includes tie-downs and threaded fittings. The bike has a welded-on kickstand, a salvage unit off an old Chicago Schwinn. ..

The frame weighs a little over 10 pounds - extremely light for a bike of this type... I've been calling it the "Fresno Stretch"

Thursday started making some fast, lightweight

road race frames.

It started when my son got the bug. Suddenly his old Raleigh Super Course just didn't cut it. Well, Richard Sachs had these cool frame lugs, he calls them "Newvex" cause they look like the old-school Nervex frame lugs. Who could resist! You can see the result here, Rapide and Black Shadow.

Another bike coming soon is a Portland-inspired light, fast, singlespeed road bike I am calling "Chaos Theory".

adventure touring bikes

Years ago Thursday made a couple of frames for this lousy deadbeat in Flagstaff ... another story. But the concept is back, bigger and better than ever, the Elk Hunter, field tested and proven four seasons running. All the kinks are out... the latest is a version running "plus-size" 29" x 3.0" tires, in build as of this writing. .

Adventure touring is also on the agenda with the new Camino Duro" model. This is a bike you can pack in a (big) suitcase and take anywhere in the world, then ride away, long as the road is at least a decent footpath.

Magazine Tests!

Currently there are two bikes out for testing. Dirt Rag has the 4-cross bike, in fact their test rider has had it for a year. Haven't heard anything from the guy, maybe he killed himself on it?

Mountain Flyer has the "New Model" hucking/XC bike. Their test pilot is a real masher, so I had the bike set up with a Profile triple crankset. The bike got a realignment of some braze-ons, and an ISO chain guide mount, and a refresh on the paint before I shipped it out.

Brian, the editor, says to expect a review in the fall issue.

New OE equipment

Thursday is into an OE with Highway 2 Distributing. They carry Brooks Saddles . Now you can get an old-school Brooks leather saddle for a righteous price if you order it with a frame.

Soft Goods! Wear the colors!

Paint, hardware and stuff

I want one!