Mi Vida Loca!! Cruzers!

Cruisers are bad! People who ride them are B-A-A-A-A-D! What can I say?

Read on:

The Vida Loca cruiser is the twin of the 20-incher. Same standard size, same front-end length. Only diff is the rear end is 1 / 2" longer, (15") and the front end is a little slower, (72.5 degrees.) Since 2006 there are a few changes: the bottom bracket height is moved to 12" for a little better manualing and a snappier snap out of the gate. And of course the disk brake is available as an option. Never worry about your brakes again!

The bikes have the same feel. That means, if you are one of those people who race both class and cruiser, you can switch rides without missing a beat! This is the bike Thursday rides himself, every time he goes out on the track there's a new lesson. Like maybe make the front a little shorter now you're getting air ... Like don't eat three bowls of menudo 20 minutes before gate time at a National ... Thursday has been doing OK on the cruiser ... a couple 51C state championships, NAG rank any year he bestirs his lazy a** to hit the Nationals, and one of the guys you gotta watch out for if he's in your gate.

A Thursday family moment at the 2002 Idaho State Championships. Photo by Phil ...

What Are People Saying About Thursday Cruisers?

"I'm getting air ... I NEVER got air"

"I'm beating guys used to beat me"

"It's like a little dragster, I never got up the first straight so fast ..."

"It's too scary fast, I'm gonna go back to my ******** before I kill myself"

Next National you go to, keep your eyes peeled. There will be a few riders on the Vida Loca, mostly making their mains. Look for Thursday, if you ask him nice he'll let you take a demo ride on the disk-brake 24.



Heat-treated chrome-moly top and down tube 1 1/4" & 1 3/8", .9-.6-.9mm
Schneider machined cro-mo headtube
1.25" x .035 (.9 mm) straight gauge chrome moly seat tube
Aircraft-grade seamless straight gauge chrome moly seat and chainstays, 3/4” and 78” x .035 (.9mm) wall
1/8" Chrome-moly plate dropouts

standard fork: I'm having pretty good luck with SuperCross - Bill Ryan don' build no junk. I order them in white and paint to match. For extra green, Bill will chrome a fork for you. I have some NOS cruiser forks including a real Landing Gear.

Go here for a more complete list of equipment options and pricing

Available options include
1 3/8"/1 1/2" top and downtubes, .049” chainstay and HD drops and headtube
UL (ultralight) model with .8-.5-.8 main tubes, .028” stays and butted seat tube.
disk brake tab add $35 for the tab

Super-sano internal routing for brake cable or hydraulic hose - $75

The internal hose appears from nowhere!

Bottom bracket options: standard, no cost is the 2" "American" BB shell. Euro is an additional $30, and I can get Mid or Spanish shells for an additional $45.

Thursday has done quite a few custom 24s, including small frames for small people, women's frames, and even a street/dirt version with super-short stays and bigger frame tubes. Ask about the Charles Fernandez signature model for powerful smaller riders.

Headtube: 72.5 degrees
Seat Tube: 71 degrees
Chainstay: 15 inches (38.1 cm)
TopTube: 21 inches C-C (53.3 cm)
Bottom bracket height: 12" (30.5 cm)
Front Centers: 23.8 inches (60.5 cm)

Current price: $680 frame only, your choice of standard colors.