BMX is ready for you. New tracks opening up all the time, trails and jumps in every town. A hundred and fifty riders will show up at any sanctioned event. Going to a National is like going to heaven! And if you're ready for serious BMX, Thursday - custom frame builder and national-ranked, ABA geezer-class rider - can put you on a ride that gives you a real edge.

Even a fat, slow, old degenerate like Thursday rides BMX. Why? 'Cause if you're gonna build a bike and get it right, you gotta ride. And nobody had the sense to stop him.

Thursday has been working on the product almost twenty years now, riding, building and testing. More important, he's been listening to the best riders he can find - the bike-destroying Thursday Test Pilots.

Mi Vida Loca is the result. That's the 20-incher. Quality throughout. Welded oversize chrome-moly frame tubes. It use a 1 1/4" seat tube for extra stiffness in the heart of the frame. Chainstays so fat (7/8" x .035, aircraft grade) even Ah-nold couldn't bend them. And it weighs in at just over four pounds - that's lighter than a lot of alloy frames. Get some air with that!

Mi Vida Loca. Stiff enough it won't cost you the snap, yet with the liveliness of a good steel frame. Feel it wind up and leap forward when you lay into the pedals. A short, stiff 14 inch rear stay, so you can get the front end up now. This thing is a rocket. Hang on!

Mi Vida Loca is a standard model, but it's available in custom sizing at a little extra cost. Maybe you have your own idea about top tube length, frame angles, tube sizes, whatever ... Thursday can put it into steel for you.

Mi Vida Loca means clean, smooth welds and custom-quality paint. Thursday mixes his own colors, brighter than chrome, shot with a subtle fade that makes a bike look like it's alive.
Reinforced seat cluster - now you see it, now you don't!Reinforced seat cluster
Check out the stays

Here's what the grassroots is saying about the Vida Loca 20:

"in '99 you built me the fastest most aggressive starting 20" I'd ever been on. A hyper extended knee temporarily retired me from the track. The passion is still there and I just dusted off the sickest bike I have ever ridden and am going back to it. The bike is still one of my most prized possessions, it has my name as the serial and means a tremendous amount to me. For my comeback I'd like to get a new one w/ the same specs..."

Mi Vida Loca is available as a frame only, frame-and-fork, or a complete bike. At this time Thursday is spec-ing the bike with a mix of Profile and SuperX and other decent components, retail price depending.

Go here for a more complete list of equipment options and pricing



Heat treated chrome-moly top and down tube 1 1/4" & 1 3/8", .9-.6-.9mm
Schneider machined cro-mo headtube
Aircraft-grade seamless straight gauge chrome moly seat tube (1.25” x .035”) and stays, (seat stay 3/4” x .035”) (chainstay 7/8” x .035”)
1/8" chrome-moly plate dropouts
standard fork: SuperCross Bill Ryan don' build no junk.


Headtube: 74 degrees
Seat tube: 71 degrees
Chainstay: 14.5 inches (39.4 cm)
TopTube: 21 inches C-C (53.3 cm)
Bottom bracket height: 11.75 inches (29.8 cm)
Front centers: 23.5 inches (59.7 cm)

I build these bikes one at a time. If you need a shorter or longer top tube, or want different angles, you CAN have it your way.

Available options include

1 3/8"/1 1/2" top and downtubes, .049 chainstays, HD headtube and dropouts – the park model
UL (ultralight) model with .8-.5-.8 main tubes, .028” stays and butted seat tube.
disk brake tab Here's what it looks like add $35 for the tab
Super-sano internal routing for brake cable or hydraulic hose - $75

The internal hose appears from nowhere! ..Get hosed by Thursday!.

Bottom bracket options include American 2" (no charge) Euro ($30) Spanish and "mid" ($45)

Currrent Price: Frame alone retails for $680, extra for your choice of fork or options. You can have a steel fork painted same color as the frame or (extra cost, sorry) in chrome.

You can see one of these frames on display over the bar at "The Goods BMX" on NE Martin Luther King Ave. and Stanton St. in Portland

Spec Sheet