Competition Bike

This bike is the Bumblebee taken to another level. Dual Slalom is pretty much gone, replaced by 4-Cross or similar events. It calls for a tougher bike that can handle the higher speeds, bigger gaps and drops, etc. etc. This bike has beefy, heat treated steel main tubes and uses the 83 mm bottom bracket shell/150 mm rear axle spacing of the Shimano Saint component group. the bike has horizontal taking advantage of the Saint's bolt-up hub and derailleur to allow trimming the rear end from 16 inches (16.5 inches with the 3" tire) to 17 1/2 inches.

This bike is shown with the Marzocchi 4-X World Cup fork, but will work with a variety of single and dual crown forks. There is a shortage of single crown forks that will provide clearance for the 3" tire, however.

current spec sheet:


Base tubeset:
Reynolds 725 heat treated chrome moly front triangle with aircraft grade chrome moly stays
top tube: Reynolds AG501 1.375" (35mm) .9-.6-.9mm butted
down tube: Reynolds AG510 1.5" (38mm) x .9-.6-.9mm
seat tube: 1.25" x .035" aircraft grade chrome moly reinforced at seatstay cluster area
seatstays are 3/4" (19mm) x .035" (.9mm) aircraft grade seamless chrome moly tubing
chainstays are 7/8" (22.2mm) x .035" (.9mm)aircraft grade seamless chrome moly

A variety of other tubeset options are available. Some tubing can not be OxyAcetylene welded and is only available in a fillet brazed frame.

We recommend the Thomson 29.8mm seatpost with this frame, and usually have them available. Call for pricing.
White Brothers and Marzocchi forks available at a good price/bro deal but only with a frame.
We are also offering Wilderness Trails wheelsets and tires with this bike. They aren't cheap but they last forever and have great pawn value.