ACID RAIN dirt jumper spec sheet

The gyro cable splitter rides inside a tube silver-soldered to the downtube. Cable routing for the 990s is through the seat tube. Based on rider input this bike is currently being spec-ed with a 74-degree steering angle and deep-dish rear drops. Thursday is interested in feedback on losing the deep dish - at 3/16" thick those drops are not for sustained grinding - and on a slower front end, one that would have more of a tendency to straighten out if you blow a landing.

Alas, the Landing Gear Dirt fork is no longer available, except in old men's dreams. Thursday is currently spec-ing MacNiel or SuperCross forks.

current spec sheet:

Equipment is a mix, with a lot of Primo, including cranks, sprocket, pedals, headset seat, stem, tires and bars. Rims are Sun BFRs on sealed hubs. DiaComp 990s and cabling by Oryg round it all out.
Profile standard or SS are available on order