Classic Road Bike

The Pista is as good as any bike you could have bought in 1975. It is still a good bike. The frame below is a little long in the chainstay, 43 cm or 17 inches. If you don't plan on carrying stuff on the rack, you can go to a 42 cm chainstay for noticeably sharper handling. This is a model that you can order in your size, and to your taste. You will get a full price quote for the build you specify beforehand.

current spec sheet:



Butted, heat treated Chrome-moly top, down and seat tubes 1 1/4," 1 1/8" & 1 1/8", .8-.5-.8 and/or .7-.4-.7mm mix depending on frame size
reinforced seat tube,
Aircraft-grade seamless straight gauge chrome moly seat and chain stays, .035 (.9mm)or (optional extra) tailor made Columbus or True Temper road stays
vertical dropouts
water bottle and rack braze-ons, shifter bosses and all necessary cable stops and guides
Clearance for 38mm tires

The standard frame comes with 6 mm threaded rack mounts, rather than the usual 5 mm units. If you want fender eyelets and rack mounts, be sure to make that clear to Thursday when you order.

Construction method: bronze fillet brazing with 56% silver for braze-ons

Standard fork: Frame is priced without fork but Thursday will build to your old fork and paint it to match, as long as it is sound and a quality piece. Otherwise available forks range from cheap, plated chrome-moly unicrowns on up. Thursday will build a fork but it's not cheap. A nice lugged fork with raked blades will run you $250 extra. Or hook you up with a fork specialist....

Available options include:
canti mounts; horizontal dropouts; extra water bottle mounts; front derailleur braze-on mount; custom rear brake bridge; fender eyelets and bridge drilling

In the past Thursday was able to supply road and mountain bikes with a "Security" framekit in various levels of Shimano and (road only) Campy product lines. I like the current Campy Chorus CF group .... sweet. Security doesn't sell junk. Check them out!