Mountain Bike

As you can see the New Model owes a lot to the Bumblebee from which it evolved. By the time summer rolls around this bike may have a formal model name. Thursday is leaning toward "Metisse" as in the long-gone, long lamented Rickman dirt motorbikes that back in the '60s were so far ahead of anything the majors were building. The bike spec'ed below is set up for a White Brothers or Marzocchi 120mm travel single crown fork. Order a fork with your frame and get a bro deal. As of Summer 2007, this bike has been wrung out pretty well. The main change from prototype is to use horizontal dropouts and a Shimano Saint bolt-up hub and derailleur. This results in a rear end that can be trimmed out from a little under 16 inches to 17 and change.

current spec sheet:


Base tubeset:
Reynolds 525 chrome moly front triangle with aircraft grade chrome moly stays
top tube: Reynolds AF301 1.25" (28.6mm) .9-.6-.9mm butted
down tube: Reynolds AF501 1 3/8" (35mm) x .9-.6-.9mm
seat tube: cut from Reynolds AF301, reinforced at seatstay cluster area
stays are 3/4" (19mm) x .035" (.9mm) aircraft grade seamless chrome moly tubing

A variety of other tubeset options are available. Some tubing can not be OxyAcetylene welded and is only available in a fillet brazed frame.

We recommend the Thomson 29.8mm seatpost with this frame, and usually have them available. Call for pricing.
White Brothers and Marzocchi forks available in a at a good price bro deal but only with a frame.
We offer an XT/Rhyno lite wheel set, 9 speed 6-hole disk with DT spokes, $150 silver and $160 black
We are also offering Wilderness Trails wheelsets and tires with this bike. They aren't cheap but they last forever and have great pawn value.