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the Bumblebee dual slalom bike Sept. 1998

reprinted by permission, Mountain Biking, Sept 1998

Thursday Bicycles, a custom frame builder from Window Rock, Arizona, says this bike is aimed for the cross- country or BMX racer who'd like to get into dual slalom, but can't afford a $3000 bike, or for the dual slalom rider who is riding a small- frame mountain bike and would like to get onto something that handles a little better.

The frame is based on the Thursday "Livin' Large' BMX frame, with oversized Reynolds 525 welded chromoly main tubes and big stays. This should produce a relatively stiff frame, but without the 'dead' feel of aluminum, claims Thursday Bikes. The painted frame weighs around four pounds, 12 ounces, depending on frame size. The Reynolds tubing is oxyacetylene welded, rather than TIG welded. This is somewhat of a lost form of welding that takes more time and attention, Thursday says. The basic frame geometry is BMX-like, with the rider's weight bias to the rear. Thursday's goal was to get a bike on which the rider can carve fast turns in either loose or hard-pack dirt. Depending on how the bike is adjusted, bottom bracket height runs between 12 and 13 inches. The rider can adjust the bike in the field for head angle, bar location, and effective chainstay length. The head angle adjusts from 69 to 72 degrees. Chainstay length is from 16 I/ 8 to 17 5 / 8 inches. The rear derailleur moves with the rear axle on a specially- designed sliding mount, and there are two sets of V-brake mounts to accommodate the wide range of rear wheel positions. The frame also features a "built-in" chain guide to keep the chain form flying off the top of the chainring. This is truly a dual slalorn-specific bike. More adjustability also comes from the White Brothers Moto-Mount handlebar damp. This mount actually has a total of at least five positions for you handlebars, changing the reach and the height.

The frame, with White Brothers DS 90 dual clamp fork, Dia-Compe Aheadset, White Brothers titanium bars, and motorcycle-style bar mounts will retail for around $1350. Complete bike kits will be available later.

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Mountain Biking, Sept. 1998